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Full text of "1994 Surry Community College Yearbook (The Lancer)"

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Different attitudes working together come to show 


Opening . .1 

Special Events. . :^4 . . .4 
College Life -. a . .-141 
People : .>Jj^ . . . . .18 

Students .......... 20 

Personnel . . .^&k . . 44 

Organizations 52 

Xlosing . . . , .....,..■ 78 , 

Who Cares? 

Surry Community College 
Dobson, north Carolina 

Advisor; Pamela Bledsoe 

Co-Editors: Qina Martin 

and Dayna Mattox 

President: Dr. Swanson Richards 

1994 Lancer s4^66-^/o 


1 1 

Clean highways are onedf 
PTK's commiLmenLs^ Htrc, 
Michael WhFtC rCSt&rCS DdE)- 
son's scenic hcauty. 

Once ag^in, Surry Community College students have come together 
to prove excellence in academics, sports^ and community Involve- 
ment^ Working together, students show , . . 

Who Really Cares! 

Caring ii compassion 
for one's Teil'DW man. 
"Compassion win 
cure more sins than con- 

— Henry Ward Beech 

Action Is the outcome 
of true caring, "Ac- 
tions speak Ic^yder 
than wonJs," 

Responsibility moti^ 
vatcs, "Leadership 
should be bom or the 
undcrf tahding or the needs 
of ihosf who would ix af- 

— marlonAnderaon 

Integrity means com ml t- 
mtnt. The most Impor- 
Lant function of education 
is lo develop the person- 
allty of the individual and 
the significance of hEs life to 
hjciis^ir and toothers " 
^- Orayson Kfcrk 

nobility comes from 
work. Sloth OIKe 
Rust} consumes Taster 
than Labour wean^: the 
used Key Is ali^tjys bright/ 
— Ben rranhlln 

Qenerosky exhibits 
concern. 'Education 
Is for Lhe purpKise of 
bringing to bear the e*pert- 
ences df the past [n Finding 
solutions (to] the problems 
dlhe present," 

■^- Calvin Cool id^e 

The invoi vement of the community college bonds 
biQuglit voter registrars to SCC. Qanreit IHiinshaw re- 
ceives registration information from Belly rte^^-tnan. 

With a smile of satisfaction. Chad Marion gives blood al the SOA blood drive. SCiA holds' 
community drives twice a year to ofTer students the chance to do then part, 

. * 

2 Who Cares? 

Teamwturk is the way for candldbitcs 
D,ivld White and Tammy Edvvards, 
Together they display their edlule 

While recording a public announcement. DJ Mprk broiwin shows Chris Bovnien the rop«S- The 
adv4^rttsing class worKed wllh WfAQ lo learn more about public advertjitlng. 

Camp^iflnlng is the most Important 

part or ah e^iecilon, Using bAlloons iTor 

support is. Cnnis ttatcher's Lat- 


I more suj 


J " 


^o students gel s31ly when Ibcy are shown a little ap- 
preciation? Or could U be LhaiJacKte Miller and Larf>' 
Ray arc clemonsiraiing the art of Cupnalogy lOl? 

Below Left: L(MK£ ISHC these volteyball players are iry- 
Ing to aet a ic^ up on Ihe competltkin. 

^ ^5tuacnl ApprfCisUor) 

Rcvin Piles listens AS his Irtend poinis out the flner aspects of Siudein 
Appreciation^ Day. 

Everyone loves a party, cgpe- 
dally when that celebration Is Stu- 
dent Appreciation Day. At 5CC, this 
is the one day that students and 
faculty can forget their res^ponsibiM- 
ties and just have a gpod time. Stu- 
dent Appreciation Day '93 was held 
May 15 and featured outdoor vol- 
leybalL horseshoes, karoke, da no 
ing, and, of course, lots of ham- 
burgers and hotdogs. Another 
highlight of the day was the Jello- 
eating contesL And what college 
outing would be complete without 
the occasional hand of Kook? As 
the sun went down, it was clear 
why everyone looks forward to this 

CngM^'h Instrucior Pam DIed&oe demon* 
stT^tes liie proper woytosluipJelto. 

"Okfiy. you s^ys, k>your turn now." Shane 
Waison fins a b<»ilCHOTi for fits neni ^ilcUni. 

Watch oyL "in Living Color" r 5CC"s Hy Qlris {Qlnger Byrd, Julie Boolicr, Velvet Creed, arid 
]ie3thi!rSpatn|i do the LocomoLion. 


SLudertL App roci^tion 

Ukc chocolate bc^t; 
say* Meli^ssa haynes. mcianlc Boij'<i 

Abovfi^ Wc sec Ihat sneaky grin. Mitch 
QiKicel Don I even ihinH Jboui itj 


^ SiuclCd* ApprcdaUon 

Above: Rcnea Wall and Orccj Stanley rt^Wy "CUI P rtig" to win Ittc shaft c 
Caugfil by surprSst. Clirlsiy Younft and her Wends uiht ^ break [o ctiow rtowrt. 

LcUl M^H3f^fc^'sJBm(^ Matlleltl has nothing Ort JSKJn CaEn. So. if you 
doht iwani to roeK. keep ihe micjTOphone away frOTti him. Below': 
KcvJn SfdfJcn and Mlhe QoultJ <!o ih el r impressions of Dcg^vb and but 
tit cad- 

Si^Joiv: "Just a lEiLle while tonser and nve'fc ouita herer" AflCf months of hard worh, soon-to-b^ gradu- 
ates take some ot their final steps across the campus to receive th e tr diplomas- 






Above (Cdter}; Proud panents join daugh- 
ter Saressa Osborne In celebrating her ac- 
connpllshnnents. Above- What coutd Karen 
ibVtnesett be thinhmg on h€r way to getting 
her dlplonna and back? "Oh, please don't 
Eet my heel break. Fieasc doni let mc trfp 
up the steps " 

AbOvej A ramlly alTalr. Sonja Copentiiig shares^ her spC' 
clal day with hc:r husbartd zi\d chljdrefl, now the young 
Ones have an even better reason for staying in schooK 
"If Mom can do it, so can w^" 

Graduation Is a day as 
important as a baby's first 
step, a cliild's first day of 
school the day two people 
get married, tt is a day that 
will be remembered for the 
rest of one's life, hot only 
does the graduate feel a 
sense of pride, but so does 
the family. At Suiry Com- 
mufiity College, ages range 
from under 20 to over 40. 
Mothers, fathers, sisters, 
brothers, husbands, wives, 
and children all rally the 
graduates and tbeiraccom- 
pMshmertts, For some, a 
two-year degree will be 
enough. For others, two to 
six years more study may 
be required, Out for all the 
graduates stt SCC, the di- 
ploma they receive will be a 
step up to a higher plateau. 

Lcdi: "This is one of th€ most van' 
dedu] i:idy^ of my ilfe." it human 
Faces couEd bt. rf^tl liKC tiOOKs. 
Karerti Marl in m^y just be e;( press- 
ing, what wen! throiigh her rnind 05 
PrcskJcnt Kkhards presented h^r 
with herdlplamd. 

Alcove: Could 31 be Lhiai Or. Jim Reeves IscontemiJijiiMti ihe Tuture of Lhi^gTadoattn^ class? Ferhaf»s 
he Knowfi akeady what ivoi^erfuL possibilities ia^ iihcad. 

AbovC: A pn3ud moment that will 
never be forgotten. 


Everyone knows it's not cliiMv in 
1 borrowed Granny s garden hat; ihc ChUe. You have to dress for iht 
ponchojt's authentic} wealher 

Approximately l.OOO Spanish- Trench, 
and Latin students roamed the campus on 
Thursday, May 6, 1993, The 13th annuai 
Foreign Language festival attracted stu- 
dents from local middle and high schools 
In narth Carolina and Virginia. 

Competitions were hdd tn vocal and In- 
strumentaJ music, dance, drama, cos- 
tumes, dramatic readings, and extempora- 
neous speaking. Booths, maps, flags, 
masks, needlework, models, sculptures, 
paintings, sketches, posters, games, pina- 
tas, mosaics, and misceiraneous displays 
were judged on the basis of creativity, orig- 
inality, and authenidty. 

Spanish/French Instructor Sharon Gates 
coordinated the Festival. She planned, or- 
ganized, and publicized the event. At the 
end of the day. Gates presented the win- 
ners with trophies and/or ribbons for their 
comendable efforts, 

Right; Worn out from the days ^Hvftics, students 
cor>gregaie in tJjc Shade la reJtJVCnsie thetr energy. 

Cjmyson County High Sthoofs booth, i* Boulange- 
rie, offcfed visdors an opportunity to sample the cui- 

pQrcigri l,dnguag,€ fe^tEv^l 

One might think that three girls doiny the tjn can Isn't all (tut cxs itidg, tmi when 
they pull their shirts up. things ^rc vtcwcd a liLiK- iliFlcrently 

This women's Uljcr J I lull mavemcni hasiosi t;ond [oo far."' says hcii> asi>cIL While she 
carries bohcs and boxes o[ piziA. Mark CasMt^tns feels the need lo M«i>crvlsc, 




^^Hb BfrM 

H^ ^^E. ^^^^L 


PT' ^^^H^l 

A look, of contenL is. cxpecfcd Irom Sh-iritn 
Cjatcs dUt^r rc<:;Civirig c^ie tfxcellence in iia* h- 
Ing Award nomEnaiccl by facuUy peers jrni se- 
lected by an aUTnini^tKjiWe commlttGe. 

Above: \n a sinaJI dri\i oulsktc the 
^ym, these stucici^i^ Higf)p<^ away 
from the crowd lo bltiv. iheir own 

Le«: The fond fnuvt have f^cqn 
good; all the pldle^ iirc cmplyf 

Fcirclgn Languj-ge Festival 

Joey Shocmal^^r gets some (nie renting poFriiters 
3bou[ eKtMcurricular aclivlUes from Western 
Carotlnia's represenl^tive. 

Above. An are^ high school aiudeni 5CCk£ advice 
from a Ii<:lpru9 LhC-G ^i^kcspcrson. 

R^hl: "Just our luck: the q,uys outnumber the 
^irls 2 to IE I cjuc&s Hfuell just have lo conccnii^te 
on Dtt^er subjects/' 

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions 

sec hosted Its annua t College Day Septem- 
ber 8. The event held from 9 A.M. to 12 P.M. in 
the gym and organized by Counselor Melissa 
Key White, provided needed Information to 
both high school and college students. Slxty^ 
four colleges and universities, including the mil* 
itary, sent representatives to provide informa- 
tion to students. Applications were available, a$ 
well as admissions, clubs, and sports informa- 
tion. All r^orth Carolina state supported schools 
were represented. 

All Surry and Yadkin county schools, as well 
as Mt. Airy and Elkin, sent seniors. These stu* 
dents collected in format ton neeeded to help in 
their college decision, sec students also ob- 
tained the necessaiy information they need to 
transfer after receiving a two-year degree. 

College Day is a big help. Through White's or- 
ganization and SCC's cooperation^ many stu*- 
dents found Just the information tbey needed to 
make one very important decision of their fu- 
ture: the college decision, 

Abo V? {Led): "FayeitevJIle has a univcTSiiy?" These girls &rc c:dgcr t& tisicn. 
"\Vi 3 smaller slate school ," explains the represenLative. 

And why Shouldn't thEs young man want to fly the TrJendly 
skies? k's certainly &a Tec than |hc grcufid^ 

Abovet "Arc you sure a & T Isn't a telephone company?" asks this con- 
fused young lady. "Yes. we're syrc- But. ^vc do have a communlcatlorts de- 
partment if you're interested lin bridging a gap or two,' 

n^ry £fnily Yaheley niidtEsea Dale Rfng In his 
future ericjcavOifS- but she casually asks 
abqut famllyr wcfK. an<i p^ast'times. too. 


Keal friends are people who 
care enough to spare five or 
ten minutes to ofTer advice, to 
share iunch, to laugh a littJeo, 
cry some to give a hug, to 
it-chat* or even to cover a 
sleeping friend. As much as 
we love our friends, though, a 
solitary moment to coliect 
urseives, to contemplate the 
nswers, or even to review 
c^e notes one last time can 
e a blessing. Alone or 
ntted. each experience cul- 
minates into life — an Insepa- 
rable fragment of time lt&€Jf 
that seldom affords us a 
breath between. So> occasion- 
ly we should tak^five. 

Rli§h|; Alice Barlow t^hcs a breather The 

surrouncJlnfj be^utjr, yHthout an iht irash. 

provides a rerreshing sight 

Betow; Tony ridhhlc. Dandy Lyon£, add 

Jasoti Taiies ripict lunch a golden 

op|>OTtiinily lo release lenston atid lo recall 

□Id times. 


College Life 


Left; "isn'l Ihal Ihc *we«est 
thing,?*" E<Sen WUIard ensures 
the comfort ot n.ei^ha Dodson 
vAth hfschlvflSrir a«s(urc. Ite s 
etrcn willing to piartwith tii5 
jiacKet for the llttiic bain^ 

Udou*; Me^thcr Cionlaii<). In Tier 
usual llzzy, revkwstht test 
tnatCtiaL Crammitm ts hCr 
sp£cl£(lty. A h^r-hour Is all she 

ar LicH: Ann liartc Jsrvts glv^s ftamey a 
Wami hug amj a gc/itCe nudg,c, iHe'i 
supposed to be worhinc^ not pcxsl/ig for 

\.^t Am^tncJ? SiuTcjSTI ^rid Lorl Recce, 
obltvloy^ to their 5urTOun4tna^^ hnve a 
hi^iitt-tQ-heairt. wompn'Eo-won^ari chat If 
|>CJichcs could only Lalh. what slnric^ 
e^'CQuld iei|$ 


College Ljfc 

Studenl. Wc gets so hair>' thai 
^u mu&t hicfe behind a wig. 

Vfchic Yates always comes 
around with those pearly 

^'t^cy. baby, wh^rs up?'' Girm 
Martin. Ann Marie Jarvts. and 
Dayna MaLLox slick together 
when U comes down to being 


college Lire 


r'l'. y^ r. 

^ ^ . 1 • L-LLrTTT , 

r^^T-.^TrT. T ■ T I T I f ■ I I i , J .J^py 

Wlial would sLudenl lEfe be wTEhout a 
lireak? wc tjoni 30 to the cafctcrta Just 
to eat. We lEKc to Just hang out and to 
hiave fun. 

Left (Center): Oyron Richardson and Jus- 
tEn Collins smite wKen they are playing a 
rrlendty ^mc of sp^adcs- Beiow: Qucs^ 
tion: "HdwdOyou do it and have a life?" 
Answefr "t dont have a llfet" 

Jackie Niller is hard at work preparfnci 
Tor tht FBL inducLions. 

no ifs, snd's. or BUTTS aboyt U; ifi€ Know how to have a good ait(e. Laugtiter is ^oQd for 
the soul. 


1 011030 Lire 

When You Are Down And Out Remember: 

You're Plot Alone! 


e're a team — individuals working to- 
gether for a brighter future. Students^ fac- 
ulty, and staff offer moral support and as- 
sistance to feilow human beings. You'll 
always have a friend or two in people who 

Whatever your dre^m, it can be 
accomplished through determine ■ 
tJon. dedication, and perserver- 
ance. Just asK anyone at SCC, 
where students and experts fn a I* 
most every field can be found. Got 
a green thumb? Try a horticulture 
clas^H Are you an animal lover? 
Then maybe agriculture or bioJogy 
is for you. Do you have a giving 
heart? You might become a ntirse, 
a doctor, a teacher, a counselor a 
lab assistants a psychologist, a so- 
cial worKer, or even a police officer. 

Are you a history buff or is an 

athletic event more your style? For 
the mathematically minded, try a 
math or physics course. If you're 
into writing, the Language Arts De- 
partment can help. Journalism 
may even be the creative outlet 
you're seeking. Thinking of having 
your owE^ business? Accounting, 
Marketing and Retailing, and the 
Small Business Center are helpl^L 
And whenever these dreams 
seem impossible, remember; we're 
all in this together. You're certainly 
not alone. 


SMAnnOn iiAvrir^s AhSWEf^S ihe phofie. 
QciiC SlacKwelU Rich Wooldredge, C^rts 
Yopp, Denny Sh^nu. anO bcbbl Pd ridge en- 
Joy lunch and some very silmuiaiing conver- 




nOUIHCeO TME WinnLK of a reserved park- 
ing space giveaway the drat ever at SCC. 
Grounds Suj>ervi5or Roger Snow dre:w Mar- 
tha Roberts' tickets 

hodges serve t^e food that the cafeteria 
sLafT has fjrcpartd fOT loday's menu, Conte 
lunchlimie. a flood of hungry moutha will ar- 

to chat ^nrormally wjth Dsrlan Ooln-s, a, Coh 
l€3C Tr^nsifCr StytJent, Qotns w&$ enrolled !n 
a course that Shantz taught during Fair 

TOBER 3i£t THAT BfiinQS out the urLuaual 
in Chrfsly Johnson. Ann-Marie Jarvls, Chris 
Bowman. Spcncc <j;arrison. and Joe PJke^ 
Couic] ii iye the presence cf A ftill harvest 


rtChont joins the fijn roiiotvtn^ 3 

karaoke event during a Christmas celebra- 
tJon heid ifn. the carcteria. A^nea Wall 
needed a dance partner, hdw cauld he ref- 



\ \ 

You can lead a man to school. 

Bctti Abbott 
John Abemathy 

Shetby Acton 
ChasKty Adams 

Keith Adams 

nicole Adams 

Brian Anderson 

David AiHJCf^fln 

Jason Anderson 

Werkdy Anderson 

Seih Afidrews 

Edward Angel f 


Pdnif^iia Arws 

Brad Ashley 
Angit: Atkins 
Jason Athln^ 
Johti Athlns 
Kevin AthJns 

Milch AtVlKXKJ 

KeElssa A^rs 

Bryan BaKer 

Elliabeth &alc(wJTi 

JefTery Baldwin 


Klmberly H3ri>qr 

Angle: Bare 

DoU'e Bi^riier 

Qlngcr Barhfr 

Alice Bariow 


but you can't make him think." 

Shelia Bales 
Wendy &otes 
Melissa Bed^iey 
Edward Beck 
Jeremy Deck 

Jelfrey Beeson 
Annette Oenge 
AHsha Bennett 
trie Bcnneit 
Robin Bennett 

Matthew Benson 
Jan B^ntGn 
Danrln BIIHncis 
Sherry Bti lings 
Robby BtacK 

Susan Blackburn 
Aaron BlacKwelder 
Peborati Blair 
Caroline 5!cvins 
Crispy aievins 

Jennifer Bievlns 
Theresa Blevins 
Owaync BobbUt 
Ro&anrie Qodenhamcr 
Diana Soger 

Sl^elina Boger 
Handy Bolejach 
Elaine 50] HIS 
«yan BQles 
ChatJ Bottom Ley 



''It's what you learn after 

Christopher Sowtn 

t>ate O^wen 

Jennifer Bci^wen 

Sherry Bowers 

Amanda Bowman 

Brandy Bowmai^ 

Donna bowman 

Leann Bowman 

Filch eii; BQiMTnan 

Steven Bowman 

riaiinah Soyles 

Misty Boyles 

S^rph Bayle9 

wade Boylcs 

Matt Branch 

QcneEranon. Jr, 

Megan Branon 

Bill Bridget 

Shane Brim 

CryaLat Biine^r 

LauHt Siintle 
Angela Brown 

Joey Brown 
Joy Drown 

Mi^rtJ brown 

Teresa Bryant 

Douglas Bullins 

Log^n Bunn 

Christy Burcham 

Seth Uurcham 




you know it all that counts." 

Shane Burcham 
Tfac^ burcham 
Martha BunisUe 
Annt^itc Bumls 
Stephanie Burton 

Toby butcher 
Jaro*d Qvzz^td 
An-drea Bvrd 

Jerry Byrd 

April Cain 
Jennifer Cain 

Kathryn Calaway 
Brian Campbell 
Stephen Csnrtoy 
D^iiene Calico 
Brtan Carpenter 

Heath er Ca rpenter 
H,ci]y Carpenter 
liellssa Carter 
^arna ritha Ca rter 
Wenona carter 

Jona Lha n Casstevens 
Lisa Caudlll 
Eftc Cave 
DemLis Chambei^ 



Learning must be sought; 

Gary Chandler 

Wendy ChapfhSit 

Oonna Childress 

Kevin Childfess 

Adriefine Chilton 

Jamtc Cteary 

Donald Clements 

Danlcite Ctcndcnin 

Roberrt Cobb 

Jennirer Cockcri^sm 

Patricia CDckeriiam 

Oina Coe 

Jenifer Cc?e 

Matt Coe 

Falrida Collier 

Angela Collins 

Cathy Collins 

Cynthia Collins 

Oeirald Collins 

James Coil ins 

Jenntrer Collins 

Jennt^ Leigh Collins 

Katie Collins 

P1li:hael Collins 

Steve Collins 

Stjsan Collins 
Tammy Collins 

windy Call Ins 

Chaniel Comt^s 

Troy C&rnbs 




it will not come of itself. " 


Ma fy Conrad 
Sonya COOh 
Tesha Cook 
Tiffany COOK 
Molly Cooley 

Josh Coitj^f 
An^gela Coms 
LoH'e Crabb 
Sean Craig 

Shamn Creed 
Steven Creed 
Tammy qrissman 
Franklin CrotLs 
nichclli: Cfouse 

Beth Dalton 
Jermsilne Dalton 
Brian I>amell 
Charles Darnell 
Osyle Oametl 

Jul Ic Darnell 
Lnaura Davi$ 
Donald Davis. Jr. 

Tamlka Da^ts 
April Daw&on 
liinily Daw^QM 
Qinger DaiA^ion 
Atnanda Dearbom 



"What we do not understand we 

Jeon-Pierre DeCetle 

James Dehart 

Janet Denny 

Arthur Denton 

Tonla DlFlon 

dinger Dlson 

John Doby 


KeEsho Dodson 

Ml^ty bodson 
Rcxtney Dogan 

Timothy Di£)]lyhiLC 

Michael Doub 

lea Draughn 

$haun Oraughn 

Sheila Draughn 

FaSac Urivcr 

Krlstl Dunford 

David Oxjpiisca, jr. 

Holly DupNsea 

jQhn Dupllsea 

Will cads 

Josh Caster 

n«liy Eastman 

Ocor^e Edwards 

Qreta Edwards 

Rcnny Edwards 

Kent Edwards 



have not the right to judge. 

t / 

Tanya EdwajxJs 
Wanda Clam 
JMltc timore 
Rita Clmore 

Amy El^icK 
Su&ie £ste5 

Wtlli^m Evans 
$lcphan)e Fagg 

Alaine Tan 
jacH rarmer 
Amy rarrlrigtoii 
TJmoUiy Felts 
Theresa rerguson 

Su&an Terrls 
Marie Hnney 
rtancy rieenor 
Jennifer Filpptti 
Thomas nippin 

Susan rotg«r 
Emily ford 
MeJanle Forrest 
John i^oster 
Katrlna Foster 

Falrich Foster 
Donald fo*vler 
Teresa Francis 
Jonathan Trash er 
Lort Fi>e 



''It takes a lot of knowledge to 

Shannon fulh 

Mandee Fulp 

Vonda rundcrbufH 

aria n Gallagher 

SE>eiiC€ Oarrison 

ChiisLophcr GCintry 


Betty Qiinspk 

Dara QEItespEc 


Carissa Qoad 

Daniel Qolns 

Wendy OoSns 

CharHcce GoldEng, 

Jotly OoodMII 


Jason Gifay 


Brian C reertwocHci 

Ann QrtKC 

Drqhe Gnsce 

Ma neb Qrutiti 

Kim Qrubbs 

Marts Qwyn 

Timothy Qwyn 

Renee Qwynn 

Ben Kali 



understand how little we know. ' ' 

Tracy ha^rdtn 
Christy Hanly 
Joel harmon 
William Karold 

M>g«l3 haireU 
Idn Harrell 
Susan Harrell 
Jocy harreLson 
Ar^ela Harris 

Jcnrttrer Harris 
Rlchy Marris 
William Harris 
Amy h^iri&^n 
Carol Harrison 

Ml ? 

Oavid naniison 
Cfinls Hatcher 
Jennifer natcHer 
Karen hatiidis 
Rodney tiawks 

Thomas Hayes 
wand.^ Hay^ 
Scott Hiiymone 
Shannon haynes 
Troy Mayn^ 

Dawn Heaphy 
J^onald Heath 
Anthony Hedgccoch 
Shawn Heirrln 
Carol tlETTnic 



''A man without Knowledge is like 

Derek tlemrick 
Cherte Hennii 
Steve Mensctn 

KEisha tllatt 

Kim Mlatt 

Amy Micks 

S<ott Htcks 

Tony HIcKS 

£>ena HJtl 

Alice hodges 

CandJ M cadges 


M<el($>s9 iiolbrook 

Carta Moimcs 

Ucannlne KoK 

AiHKttc Hooker 

Steven Mopkina 

Ponnd uorton 

Melody MoirtDn 

Stiephen Morton 

Qrcig Humphries 

Chris MuiKlley 



Kriatel hunter 

Kol>ert Hunter 

Amejsha Uutcheng 

$hdd Hutchens 



a house without a foundation. 

Trade Hutch ens 
TaTTimy Mytson 
Shane Ingool 
Andrea ts^acs 
Roseiia Jachson 

Annette James 
Kelly Jarrcll 
Shelly njarretl 
L<:3h Jarr^U 
Ann-Jiarie Ja rvis 

Rodnty Jinking 
Shawn Jessup 
zach Jessup 
ftim Jeslcr 
Melissa Jester 

Chris Johnson 
Christy Jolrnson 
jaitqtts Johnson 
Jen n irer Johnson 
Josh jnhn.son 

ISclK Johrrson 
iMelanSe Johnson 
Meiocty J oh nson 
RfcJhy Johnson 
Stephanie Johnson 

TlfFany Johnson 
Ur;da Johnston 
Daniel Jone^ 
liiCelan Jones 
t\arh. Jones 



"Manners must adorn knowledge anc 

Lisa Jones 



nichella Jonefi 



Sarab Joncs 

^^^Kt^ 1 


Kim Joyce 


1 J 

Je$slc2i Justice 




'' -» 1 


jodi ncy 

Shannon Key 

Rodney ftSsct 

Jessica King 

Larfy Hing 

MCK^s King 
Ll^o KIsamDrc 

Sarah Knott 
Shelly Kramer 

Mary Ladd 

Qonnie Lane 

Jamie La nMbrd 

MJsty LanKford 

JaneCic Laws 

ChiQiity Lawson 

James Lawson 

Nichelle Law5on 

Kacidy Lawson 

J€^e Ledczma 

Tad Leeds 

JO&h Lcft^ch 

howard Leonard 

Virginia LeOulrc 

Amy L^neberry 



smooth its way through the world." 

Si1l¥ Limine 
LQri Lioyci 
Hok-LaJ LO 
Mary Lochliait 

Michael LDn<| 
Brian LoHsb 
Laura Love 
Doti^las Lowe 
Julie Lowe 

Robin Law^ 
Missy Luchcrham 
Kandall LufTman 
i>ci4rc Lunsfond 
Rosa Lunsrord 

Jiandy Lyons 
Mildred lii»bc 
E>avbd Macemore 
Chad t^&fiQt\ 
Laura NarSh 

Sheit9 Marsli 
David Marshsll 
Tracy Marshall 
Camfiron Mailirs 
i Ciiroline Martin 

Chrtstophcr Martin 
OIna Martin 
Janel Martin 
John Martin 
Joy Martin 



Lee Marttil 

no^tn Martin 

Ruth Mart fn 

Tim rtason 
Anthony Math ts 

Danielle Math Is 

Kim Matlnis 

holly Mastin 

Dayna Mattox 

VJcKl Mauch 


James NayCS 

Danny McCormich 

nenny licCormlch 

Fred McCraw 

Lauiie iMcCr^w 

Mells&a McCratv 

F^illip McCraw. Jr, 

Cathy Ncllwain 

Charles McLaughlin 

AHcta MCMiMLan 
Kim McMJUtan 

jO!fC4i Meadows 
ShyrcU Melara 

Anlhony irFeniu 

Joe Mcssicli 

Jackie Milter 

Madge MiUer 

f rankle Miltner 

Lynn Mills 

■ A day or me iearnea is longer 

r 34 


than the lire ot the ignorant. 

Shannon Mitchell 
WhItL Mitchell 
Misty Money 
Sabrina Money 
Victoria Money 

Tonya Monk 
Stevqn Montgomery 
Missy Mooncy 
Lena Moore 
Fairittsi Mtidi-e 

Ronnie Moorg 
DcHna Morrison 
Steven Morse 
Angeta Mioscr 
Marty Hos«r 

Lora Mulllns 
ShCiYy Munroe 
Ashley Murray 
Rhonda Clancc 
Joann Melson 

Mary tiewman 
heather nichois 

Anna MIxon 
Lee rtohle 
Kimberly EloorthiesLtr 

Julie Plorrrian 
MDllic Morman 
Todd Murtrt 
OavJd Mult 



''Learn more; then you will know 

nkhard O'DonneH, Jr. 

ttcvin OHcat 

Linda OMea} 

Shannon O^^ertiy 

Dina Owens 

Janet PacK 
flrancly I'almcr 
Sandrci Farduc 

MJke Parker 

Shawn Pariier 

hita Patel 

Oebrfi Patterson 

Tern Faync 

Alfredo Pecon^g 

J [I I Fedicro 

Amanda Peete 

Emily Fell 

EmlgdlQ PenalDza 

Kaiircn Pcnnell 

Karen Peoples 

Shcrfic Ferry 

Jonathan Pcnyman 

Cathy Phillips 

Joseph PhUlipS 

Tfna Phillips 

Amanda Flhc 

Jason PIhe 

Joseph plhc 

Kevin Poindexter 



how much more you need to learn." 

Stephen folncfextef 
Cary Poole 
Jennifer Foole 
MJthelle Pcxile 
Qerry Frtee 

Olenda Prim 
Tortya Probst 
James Prukt 
Kamorta Pruitt 
William Pnjitt 

Fa rrar Qu csenbeny 

Patty Rakes 
Wendy Bash 
Monica Reed 

Kimberly Rencc|ar 
Sundre Reicho 
Amanda Reynolds 
^nn RcynolcJi 
Jennifer Reynolds 

nicheiie Reynoids 
Can dace RhO<3c5 
Anne Ktchardsan 
5hKrr>" RLcJingS 
Dlanna Rl(|qans 

nsiy Roberts 
SLacy Roberta 
Sunday RolMrts 
Daniel Robertson 
Melissa Rolj^erUiOD 



''At times a little nonsense avails 

Artdy Rose re 
Kara RD{t.er5 

Rebecca Aomo^icd 
Shdwn Rose 

Eric Roth 
Tina Royai 

Antionctte Rucher 

Michelle Scott 

JOhti Stlis 

Marsha SemonftS 

Pli$ly Shaw 

Pactr Sheets 

Tammy Shelton 

Wendy ShCltOn 

Danny Shew 

jo«y Shoemaker 

Bradley Shore 

Deanna Shore 
ISendr^ Shore 
Scott Shore 
S<teven Shores? 
Debra Sigmorv 

Bryanl Simmons 

Chuckec Slmniorti 

Cllzabeth Simmons 

rem SJmmorts 

Bonnie SI mip^son 



more than knowledge and honor. " 


Jarcd StKtmore 
ricltssa Slate 
Amy Smith 
tirian Smith 

tfavcn Smith 
MihhJ Smitli 
Sharon Smith 
Tammy Smith 
Tcrrt Smith 

Tonya Smith 
Vichy Smith 
Tammy Snced 
James Snow 
Seiens Southard 

Cvciyn SOutheim 
McHssa Southern 
ileathcr Spain 
Marit Spencer 
Angeid Splcer 

Jennifer Spririile 
Steven Spfhrtkie 
JO&cpH Stanish 
Hary Staniah 
Angela Stanley 

Wayne Steel man 
n€iJ5s^ Stephens 
Brian Stevens 
Ch^nda Stevens 
MdIIIc Stevenson 



''To know is nothing at all; 

Alicia Stewart 

Cynthia Sicu-an 

Michelle Stewart 

Zach Stewart 

Kristen Stokes 

Rbbby Stone 

April Stout 

Amsntlci Stuiglil 

Bridget Swaim 

ilaic Swalm 

Cory Swain 

Di^wn Swlnney 

Christopher SyKes 

Lee Tarn 

Sandra Tdte 

Shannqn Tate 

Mkliael Tatum 

Gary Tiaylor 

Jdcob Taylor 

Wanda Taylor 

Cl4iy Tew 

AlHson Thomas 

Trances Thomas 

Stephen Thomas 

lla Thampson 

Christy TIH«y 

Lisa Ttlley 

Ly]e TMlcy 

Kachel Tilley 




to imagine is everytliing. " 

Kadeana Todd 
Brooke To] be rt 

Jennifer Towe 
SLepbaiiiq: Travis 
W4r> Treptow 

B«lh TucKer 
Jay Tuther 

Jody Uti 

Mceg;ari utt 
Crystal V^dcn 
Call I VanCdton 
Brenda V^ntioy 
De5orati VanHoy 

Doug Vaniioy 
tva VaughL 

Robin Vensble 

Charles veil 
John Vesial 
Michelle Vestal 
Wendy vestal 

Deanna V<ys& 
Amanda WaddeLI 
Robert Wa I her 
Alysort Wall 
Constance Wall 



"Like the leaves on a tree, we are 

nd!^£irct wall 

Mark W^ll 

Maity wall 

M Echel I e Wallace 

Victoria Wallace 

Katrirna Warti 

Abigail warden 

Lori Waters 

Tina Watson 

tcrew Watts 

Wes Weavei 

Richard Webb 

Tracy W^b 

Brandon Welch 

ChCiyE Wekh 

Marh West 

Janet whitakcr 

John Whitaher 

Gary While 

ntchaei White 

Sandra White 

Tracy While 

Jcanncitc Wh>brew 


Jason WlUard 

Amy Williams 

Carol Williams 

jQhn Williams 

Many Williams 


all alike and yet all different." 

Sharon W I iHams 
Casey Will mom 
Kuth Alison 
Stephanie Wilson 

Toby Wineiier 
Keltic Wtshon 
Dana Wolfe 
joati Wolfe 
Amy Wood 

James Wood 
Marshii Wood 
Fetiny Wood 
H An^cLti Wood I e 
Tina Woods 

tlobby VVooten 
Brian wootcn 
natasha WooLen 

DIdnnCW light 

Emily Wright 

Kerry Wright 
Judy Wyatt 

Jack Wyrlch 
Flannery \«ypp 

Sandra York 
Shannon VOrk 
Chiislifia Young 
Heather Young 
Brian Vount 



ABOVE and BEYOND the can of duty 

riaking decisions that affect students, 
faciuHy, and administration can be an over- 
whelming job. neJping to plan the school 
year and speculating on future plans of the 
college are Just a few of the responsibili- 
ties that the Board of Trustees and Presi- 
dent Swanson Richards share. 

rn hovertiber, the Trustees were busy En- 
couraging voters in Surry County to vote 
yes for local and state bond referendums, 
Both bonds passed with the assurance 
that the money will be used to construct a 
new applied science and health building. 
The referendum will also pay for the up- 
grading of equipment and programs and 

Bciotar: Carol^ti Comer. Bonnie Stuart, and Eleanor 
Joni:5 have t^3c^^ own ideas about the future cfSCC. 

'Originality and genius must be 
largely fed an<^ raised on the shoul- 
ders of some old tradition/' 




Left' Ch^imaan Dallas Ma nee presides over the nnonthly rnectEngs While Suaan 
■Ji^nson (above) takes notes. Eleanor Jones, w^yng Moisliiger. and Raymond 
$mith listen intently to the old and ncw£>usin«;s5 so they can ttiahe informed and 
intelligent decisions. 

Before the mceiin^. board membeTs Carolyn Comer and Floyd Rees asK President Richards to poEm 

i-i/\%/i^ vvH <::i<::>T 


13<^3^ board of Trusts;!.- members (L-K) are; Eleanor Jones, Charles Matllson, Char- 
loUc BoKt&ch. Raymond &miLh, Jewel JarrelL Carolyn Comer, MiKc Roystcr. Bonnie Stu- 
art, Dallas nance, and rioyd Hces. 

MiKc RoysWr utiliiCS hrs legal knowledge to 
cvalLidle a sctTool issue. 



^To Each, His Fartherest Star" 

ich year offers a chaHenge In 
planning and ini proving our 
educational environment. 

The Business Office's johs 
include bills, payroll, supplies, and 
student tuition and scholarslilps. 
The Administrative offices are 
responsible for phone calls, class 
schedulesjob programs* and staff 
and faculty contracls. 

Student Services Is a customer 
area in which student registration, 
records, grades, transcripts, and 
counseling arc handled. 

John Coll Ens. Dean ofCarcur Cducallon, 
anltdpates the: bencri^ of an allied heaUh 
and Kzience butldincj vt^kh ddmlnisirdtors 
arc cuirenily pianntn^. 

Claude Ayers 

Jean ^dg€tt 

Betty iJcch 

Pam Boles 

Fh(l Bowers 

John Bramc 

Lisa Qrown 

Dfck Uyrd 

Jamie Childress 

Tammy Church 

Su»n Coble 

John Collins 

VondiS Comer 

Shctia Core 

Lisa Diivls 

fauline Eads 

Shirley Ed morfcds 

Debbi Eldrld^e 

Carolyri F1tp|>ln 

Laurie rorbes 


Jerri Hayes 

&Qb Hemmlngs 

Oarrctt hinshaw 

" 46 


Paul Kinshaw 
Lisa halcDmb 
Robert Floldcr 
Charlotte Hudson 
Benec Hutch tns 
Susan Johnson 

Ciieen K3^d 
Sherry Low€ 
Mike Mcllone 
Becky lioney 
Wayne Motslnger 
JO Ann nustin 

Cheryl dance 
S<tLy nQwnrLan 
Susan Pendcrgrafl 
Clar^ f'ort^r 
Dons Pratt 
Judy Rcece 

Ot. Jim ReevK 

Dr. Swanson Richards 

Judy K^s 

Larry Rooks 

Tony S-earcy 

Dr. Sherry S'tnaw 

tsenneiL Shores 
Of eg Stanley 
Charles StticKland 
Carlos Sun^tt 
Mark Tucker 

MaHon vcnable 
Lib Voss 
Sandy walk 
Tom Watts 
jcnry weaver 
KEm White 

Mary White 

Melissa White 

LEnda Whiu 

Lany wlimolh 

Bill Wood 

Artnc Marie Woodrulf 



Carolyn Blngman 

Andy Sranch 

Qlenn Branch 

Pat Branch 

BeUy Jo Burton 

Judy CoOh, CafCtCrfa 


Brcni Crijii^inan 

Trainees Fowler 

Judy OJIiieiipte 

VvOnne Hodges 

Ml he Joyce 

Bclua Richardson 

Roger Snow, 

grounds supervisor 

Pat Stanley 



KenncUi Tobler, Roger Hunter ^electrician), and 
Barbsria Cheat illustrate the importance of coop- 
eration. OTieai and Tobler will steady the ladder 
iwhMe hunter makes the rq>alFS- 

Qarry Kingston and Ores Belcher team up to 
tackle Ihe bathrooms. £verythlngi has that Mr. 
Ctcan sparkle] the tloors, the stalls, and even the 


Cafe/ Ma Intenanqc 

Inquiring Minds Want To Know 

They desire to meet student 
rt^eds. They yeam to fill starving 
minds p And they raraly ask for rec- 
ognition. These aren't easy goals, 
but teaching is not an easy job. 
Only a rare breed can tmly moti- 
vate, captive, and educate. 

Teaching incorporates almost 
every other field: coaching, drama, 
music, poetry, writing, scholarship, 
psychology, philosophy, parenting, 
etc. Mo other profession demands 
so much for so little. Yet, none are 
as responsible for shaping the ftj- 
ture as teachers who forever 
change each life they touch. 

"Slun thtm with laughter. They'll give (o 
Jump start 2000 til it hurtsl' That'5 the 
ptilfosophy of l^cnny Younger, MarR Lewis, 
antJ Chris Fuchett. 

Kim Adams 
Sandra Adams 
Dwight Atkins 
J-ean AlKins 
Steve Atkins 
Torn B^gnal 

Sherry Blsciirnon 
Cjcne erackweU 
Pam Bledsoe 
Char'les i3oiesi 
Ron Boose 

Oebble 5rinch 
Aniti^ Bull in 
Stwc Burtham 
Diana Cataway 
Tamara Carter 

Mary Emily Cooke 
Cathy C rouse 
Wanda Cutter 
Jerry EHer 
Jim f irtk 
Dean rurtiisJi 



Sharon QMcs. 

FAula Oupton 
Hilda I tall 

Bonnie hanJy 
Hitch Mardy 
Jody Martie 

DOnnte Hayncs 

j.T- MCE^son 

Bill HkHs 

Roy Mlgh 
CicHunpd hoicomb 

1fM«||yn Holland 

Thtimian n&ilar 
tan rte Johnson 

Sharon l^sHatii 
Sherman Ldyell 

Randy LcOuire 
Mark Lewis 

Joe Maye 
Bin McCdchr^n 

Ann Ncflugh 
Qrenda ncintc^h 

faculty and^tafT 

gol te. Ts JdSi n Co] ii ns, 

Guy Tolbert. Paul 

(Unshsw. Wayne 

Mot^ingcr, and Tom 

' Fearl ' Wails (as tn 

'Minnie Fearl") 

gathcf lo compare 

golf talcs and to 

discuss sirategLes^ 

durInQ I he 25lh 

annual outJn.g held on 

graduation day. May 

28. 1U93. The 

conversation then 

lums toward next 

year's BoonvHIe 

excursion. Some men 

are always dreaming, 

aren't th«;y7 

CriSClla MOiTison 
Tom farher 

Joe Kcccc 

Gayte Reeves 

DOU9 Reinhardi 


WiLbum R{ves 

William Sanders 

P_^g_J raeuUy 

Bobby Schu maker 
Larry Scolt 
norwood SeJby 
Denny Shanlz 
Sieve Shepant 
CaTlyle Shepherd 

Mainqaret ShephenJ 
Trgnk Simmons 
Marie Sfmmons 
Joe Sloop 
SbeHa Swtft 

Mihe SwtnK 
Hoy Thomas 
Angus Tucker 
John Vantlom 
Davkj Weevil 
^tich3€l Wehs 

nari^ White 
Mwtn Wiles 
Sus^n wiimotti 
rrarKfis Wood 

tleJpling Math /Physics 
Inslmaor Joe Recce 
celebrate a new 
addition to his fa jTiily. 
the Tacutty member 
ofC-butldlngth rew 
shower. Daddy 
Reece's I tUle bundle 
orjoy was bom June 
13. 19^3. and 
weighed seven 
pounds and six 
ounccSr The bdby boy 
Is Joe \N. Heece, Jr. 
so proudi 

John Wood 
Kathy woodniff 

Rich Wooidredae 
Susan Worth 
tiicirt wyrich 
Chris YOpp 
Vlcki Vork 
Benny rounatr 



Despite Resistance And Daily Hassles 

Get AH Involvedl 


lio matter where you go, you can find a fa- 
miliar face. Look around. What do you see? 
At least one other person is nearby. Make a 
friend. Express a thought. Share an idea. 
Relate a concern. Vent a frustration or two. 

"Giving is more blessed than re- 
ceiving/' especially if it provides 
encouragement to continiic, com- 
plimenlB to motivate, offers a 
shoulder to cry on. or allovvs a 
breah from daily routines. Having 
someone to care, to confide in, to 
take a, genuine interest: these de- 
termine success. A confidant. 3 
mentor, a friend, a cheering sec- 
tion; these defeat the odds, even 
when they're strongly against you. 
A kind word, a thoughtful gesture, 
an acknowledgement: these pro- 
vide energy to meet e3ch day's de- 
mands. Give a little; get a lotE 

BUlLDlEiO LOBSYr Ambassador Nicht^ila 
JDAtfi completes a bond rcr^rcndum 
poster These signs, posted around cam. 
pMS. urged students, personnel, and com- 
munities LD exhEbU cittzenshiii by voting 
"yes" on no v. 2. 

hRESHHeriTS rOLLOWing me October 5 
Ftii Beta Lambda inductions, held at 7 p.m. 
In the Teacliiiig Atiditorigrn In honor of the 
occasion, spouses, such as Terry Yates 
(Vickie Yates^ husband) wttc invited to at- 

Caring about yourself and other 
can supply new perspectives an^ 
encourage nevM" attitudes. Lau^h i 
the TV room; have a game of ba£ 
ketball in the gym; play a game c 
cards in the cafeteria. Expres 
yourself }n class. Ask question; 
Join a club or a study group. See 
help whenever necessary. Discus 
issues \vith classmates and teach 
ers. Do somethlngi 

Qroup involvement is especial) 
rewarding. Chorus. CSU, Joumai 
ism. LEO, FBL. FTK. SO A, Who' 
Who; intramural sports; a Mat! 
Club, a foreign Language Club 
and even a Mam f^dio Club are 01 
fered to suit a variety of interests. 

Instructors need socialization 
too. Discuss current issues, Taki 
time for luncb or some R & R or j 
good movie. Curl up with a favorite 
book. Take a walk. Start a new pro 
ject. Inquire about others. Visit i 
colleague's classroom. Converse 
with peers and students. Give ai 
off-the-wall assignment. Whateve 
you do, be involved! 



FARTJCtFATED in thg annua] Mt. Airy 
Chr^l&tmas parade December 5r Chant'Cl 
CCiml>$ <FTti)r CarKsa Ooad (LEO), M4chella 
Jones lAmbassador^). and Safflantha 
Carter (CSL) rD4e a Communis Bank flc>at 
tn Ihe event. 

SOrt MCMBF-RSE Decorating for the cnd-of- 
Lhe-quaFter dance tflovembcr 50J, Dayna 
Mattox. J^^on pike, Tom nipper, and 
Donna Childress (a volunteer) matte oma^ 
mcflts and table centerpieces, 

CHAmMAM or THE Jumpistdil 2000 pro- 
g^rarn, the first fbmial campus fund drive;. 
The Farley-Da v{dson tfiat Searcy stroddies 
^^boiLzes the ■junnpsLarting" of tJie one- 
month campaign, hetd September i — Oo 



Rtg^L: The Chorus performed at naytxny Mall 
3t 4p.m. Ort December 4 and thCO at the SillCTTl 
MeLbcxJIsl Churcti ^l 7:30 thai evening. Prior to 
LhJs appearance^ the group cntcrtair»cd the 
rairview ^nd Oah Qrove Baptist CDn^Tegjatfons 
(Movember 21 and 29, respectlveJyji, The En- 
£cmbic (a division of the Chorus) mude some 
leas publicized appearances. 

fJelowp ""The Only requirement Is that you must 
t>e able to sing on key/' explained Director 
Benny Younger to the rksl Presbyterian 
Church En Mt. Airy on December 12. 

Above: flautist SheJta Core <SCC"s Reference 
Librarian^ played "The Winter t:3ro] ' Chris 
ruckelt. Angle AtJ^lns, and Arils Hefrin were 
also featured Soloists during the concert. 



pibovt:: Tht group assembled ouLslde Belh, t>ep>artiTsent Store to nil ihe air of Mt Atrys Maybcny 
Mall with the Chrtstmasspldt- Onlookers niomeniarlty haUed sh«p|>ina";o3latcn, 

Left; The CTiDmssans lo a full house at Aniioch. Chris Fuckcii and An<iie AiKEns (tjoth left centerj 
p^rTomieci solos entitled "The Wildwood Carol' and Blow, Blow, Tliou Winter wind.' 

Snow falls; Salvation Army 
bcUs ring; shoppers, arc 
chEerfiil. VVtiat better way to 
spread comfort and joy than 
with Chon^ sounds! 

The 35-member group 
practiced dlligtintly for its 
county tour. The 1993 con- 
certs, a blend of sacred and 
secular songs, opened with 
"Prepare the Way of the 
Lord" and ended with "The 
Wonderful World of Christ- 
mas' (a medley). In addition 
to these and solo selections, 
the Chorus sang "The Hilts 
of Judca Ring/' 'Infant 
Holy/' "Christmas Time Is 
Here'" (from '^A Charlie 
Krown Christmas"). Young-j 
er's favorite ('Beneath the 
Star's L^ght^. and two addi- 
tional medleys: "Christmas 
Is .-. " and "A Christmas 






Selcwr "I'm imprcssex} with all of tti 
body copy/' muses Olna p^aj'tln 
"There's some pretty good stuff in here 
Mmmm, I bei J kiiow who flcls to type It," 

The Year In Review: 

1 said this year would be diffi-^ 
cult," recalls Fublicsttons Advisor 
Fam Bledsoe. "Putting together an 
80-page yearbook (vs. our 128- 
page norni) sounds easy. But the 
staff and I have other ctasses, 
othcT jobs, and extracurricular ac- 
tivities. I m stiiL a newiywed, too/' 
Staff members have class over- 
Loads, school and job rfsponsiblll^ 
ties, and family obligations like ev- 
eryone else. A smaii staff must be 
more selective, covering fewer 
events. We know lots of people 
care. Some just don't want to in- 
vest the necessary time; some 
don't have the time to give. Even 
those with good intentions often 
slight their commitments. Siich 
ha$ been the case with this year's 
Through it^ll, Bledsoe. Qina 

Martin, and David Willard with 
stood. \ actually threw the mate 
rial in the trash can at one point,' 
explains Bledsoe. "I wasn't sun 
we had enough dedication to a^ 
annual. And I didn't want Qina anc 
me to be stuck with it." Ironically 
that's basically what happened 
fortunately, a few second -quartej 
students (NKe Joey ttarrelson 
Diedre Lunsford, and Eric Sloop' 
did their best to compensate. Dc 
spite their Inexperience in year 
booking, they soon learned the 
process and diminished the loss o^ 
those people with hardships oi 
more pressing mattei^, WiiJard as- 
sumed additional responsibilities 
and he assisted these new staffers. 
"I'm not sure what the answer is," 
sighed a frustrated advisor. 
'Maybe we should join the multi- 

£mi^ ifcA i^=^ r-;v S=SS. ^Sk. ^JL. ^^-1 

KIght: Oavkl WiNand and Joey hlarreisoti 
team up to t^etect the best pictures fdr 
the intramyral voll^ybiilL p^agc*. Hq^ftng 
too many photos Is bietter than tdo Tew. 

Bctow: Prefening to have his own space, 
J. Allen LInvtIlc finds his ov,n llttJc coincr 
or th« universe, hte flnoa solitude a rno&t 
sdcredn cherishable friend. 

■^ ST ^S' \^ 

fUght: This group began working on the 
1904 LAnciEr last TalL Wh^t ^]:^>eH»red to 
be a promising year ended vAth only two 
of the odiginal sialTers completing it. 

' 56 


The Saga Of Our Staff 

tilde of colleges who no Longer 
have a yearbook. I'm just loo stub- 
born to watch it die/' 

Bledsoe has advocated more 
student involvement. Some clubs 
have responded by taking pictures 
of their own activities. "PBL has 
been exemplaty — we loan them a 
camera and sorne film and they go 
to work/' said Bledsoe, And, as 
always, Susan Fendergraft has 
been my greatest ally. Jackie Miller 
and Michel la Jones helped some, 

The ones who really care are 
Ihose who saw the book com- 
pleted. "To actually finish a pro- 
ject, as opposed to merely starting 
it, is the true reward/' believes 
Bledsoe. "Having a sense of finality 
and a relief in such stress for x 
number of months is an indescrib- 

able feeling/' 

The Squire's i/o/ce has also suf- 
fered. Both newspaper co-editors 
met with circumstances beyond 
their control, but they still man- 
aged to edit and submit material 
from off-campus. Larry Gonzales 
transferred to ASU, Michael White 
volunteered at least one article for 
each issue's deadline. "Mad It not 
been for the perseverance of a 
few," insists Bledsoe, "we really 
would' ve been in trouble . . . Jour 
nalism offers a great opportunity 
for those willing to fulfill their du- 
ties and to finish the job. As I al- 
ways say, 'If a task has once be- 
gun, never leave It 'til It's done, be 
a laborer, great or small, but do it 
weJI or not at all/ " The final pro- 
ject is well worth the effort. 

Below: "Well, let's see wtiat you have 
here," commenLs Mrs. Bledsoe- "Here's 
some body copy and some captions, but 
I don't see any pictures. Where arc 

Left; 'Wfite some dllTerent copy." Lbit^' OonzsTes 
instructs A ru^flarleJarvis and tieather SpaJn. 

/^bove; ^'f;veiytlme l see this layout and these pic- 
tures, i ^et the ^Lggies," says Shyrell Meiara, "! 
just cant help m^eif, I'm ^etlins gkJdy. MayPc it 
^^aswhdt I had Tor lunch." 

l>eftr "l really like the layout and the pictures 
we've chosen,' RTedre Lunslord tcti$ tHc Sloop, 
"Wri[Eng the captions is ^iw^ays this hardest pari,"' 
he agrees, as he tries to h e Ip her out 



1 , 

Getting Ahead! 

IS a DusincJ 
ridges ihe gap between the classroom aju\ ih^ 
cal world by g.Mng stud en Ls first hand knowledge 
,'f the business comrniinfty. "Making Your Dreams 
a Reality/' this year's club motto, exennpHfics the; 
pembers comirtitments- j 
The club's October 5 induction ceremony ■ 
tated 15 new members. During Christmas, mem- 
bers sponsored an angel tree that benefited 5CC s 
needy moUicrs and their children. Five mi. mem- 
bers particiated in the AT&T Investment Chal 
lenge. placing second fn the nation! The memi>en 
ttended state competition March 25-26. 
I Go-advisors Tom Parker and Mary timily Cook* 
^ncoiirag^e their ^roup to tie one of the most ac 
live campus or^kieations. 

ESeiow: virgin ta LcQuLrc. wandia ^lem, jimd Melissa Lawson cnjo 
Ehc refreshments and dn Opportunity lo gel acquainiecf aRcr th 
P&L DfUcers were etected and inducted. 'Ttow we can realty ^c 
ihinvpi rolling. " thinHs Lawson. 



At>ovet Vickie Vdtes, Aitcia tasLer, Meii&sa Carter, and Tom Farker luatcti Jackie nllier tempt piiotogi!^ 
ptierflaryCmllyCoDheduringtheofFlccr'splannIng rcirica t Octol>er 23, 

Left: ftiL meirtbeirs ^oln SCC's Ambassd'Clot^ In & 
Crossroads project to hiE:]f» th€ area's needy chitdren. 

Left Center: Kalhy Mayes. Ll*a Ooad, and Steven 
5hDre'S display awards of excellence in state compett- 

Beiowi Alicia Caster takes tlic pafitamcniartan oath 
during fall inductions in the Teaching Auditorium. 

Above: "'Wanna buy a genie? asks Trish Hunt, Ailcia 
Easier, and Jackie MHIerat the Georgia convention, 

"Round and round ati-d around we ^o." echo Tom Parher and AiicEa Caster 
during a retineat at the r^cw Rtirer Mountain nusic Jamboree in 5parta. 




ing Their 

I LmttiMg TiiA Wofj 

REglnt: Charles Hunter proudly receives a camo 
lion from Myra Wrtght at (nducUoii. 

FTK PresMent Sus^n Fcndergraft explains &a|j 
loUng I'or the recent hond rerert^ndumv 

PMl THETA KAPPA is an international honor society for two-year 
colleges. To be inducted into SCC's Alpha Xi Tau chapter of PTK, 
students must complete 12 credit hours and maintain a 3.5 grade 
point average. 

The Greek letters. Phi Theta Kappa, stand for scholarship, fel- 
lowship, and service. Members participate In community activi- 
ties Such as highway clean-ups, voter registration, and honoring 
America's veterans. The fraternity sponsors a canned-food drive 
and an Angel Tree during the Christmas season. This year the An- 
gel Tree provided clothing arid: toys for 20 children of eight needy 
families and over 150 canned -food items were collected and con- 
tributed to the Tooth ills f^ood Pantry. 




PartidpaUon \% trnpartant Ln PTK as Yvonne Johiison, 
Su^an Fencitrgrafi, Ptichacl White, JtffCranford, 
Shannon En^ram. Susan Ten^i^, and Jennifer Kowman 
demonstrate in ci lliighway 601 clean-up. The eiiLhusli- 
asm of PTK even touches young Thonoas f endcrgraft. 

FTtt sponsored author Donald Secreast, writ- 
er-ln-resldence at Radford Unlfersktyr who diS' 
cuSMd hks novcJ. While Imsh. Red Velvet. M- 
terwand. he held an Inrormal autograph %esf 
slon of yvhkh ChantcJi C&mtM^ took advantage. 


L*ft Ctnter "The bond rcfcrcrtdum was a complete success." agree 
nicnaei Whrte and FTK advisor Chris Yopp at SQA"s pizza party. 

BeJow; "You WDuldn'l believe how hard I had to work to get here," 
says Mkch Qroce to Rkk ^nti Rosa D^vis and to his moihcr. Ann. 


^ PTK parking space winner Martha Roberts (right) is congratulated by Susan 
Pendergrdlt. In an efTon to case partying ps^nic and as a rundr^is^g <;ventr 
Alpine Xi I'au sells parttlng sp^ace chotices each quarter. The winner 
Chooses his or her student p^rKing sp^ce. which Is then reserved espcdally 
ibr die WEnner with the si^n that is pictured. 

roc using on food for thought, Aike Barlow, Kelll Doby. and 
Michel la Jones enjoy the FTh Halloween social- It was A 
■■ghoullshly ■ good time for all who atteade<l. 

61 ■ 




Here, there, and everywhere, the STUDEriT QOVERnMEriT 
ASSOClATlOn met success. An end-of-quarter dance drew sig- 
nificant numbers on Tuesday, fiov. 30. The Nalloween costume 
contest interested bands of ghouls artd goblins. KaraoKe, pho 
tos with Santa, the hing-and -queen Valentine project, several 
piz^a partieSr Student Appreciation Day, and blood mobiles at- 
tracted would-be singers, romantics^ food lovers, charitable 
volunteers, and plenty of spectators. Student interaction was 
definitely an achieved goaL 

Under the leadership of Melissa White and Tony Searcy (co- 
advisors), members actively supported other campus groups 
by allotting, them student Funds and by participating in their ac- 
tivities and club-sponsored programs. The result was a student 
body working toward similar ideals. 

Charles vtn offers to pos« MtH Sanlas helper {Payna nattoxl, 
Could ([ be that he has a weakness for the holi'day season? Or 
does he want Santa to orlitg him lots of toys? 

Below! Qstwoman {VicHic VaicsK a zombie (Josh Eastern and a 
tube of toothpaste (Ann- Marie JarvEs) were die Lop winneirs of 
ihc MaUowecn costume coniest. Wc hear the eompetftion was 
really stifff 



Dsyna flattOK,. Jason riKc. Tom nippen. tnnJ* natcher, and 
Doriirta ChlEdress decora Le for the cnd-OF'-quaTter dance. 

Logan Bunn and rKHe Qauld show otT Ureir vocal tah 
ents in front or a packed cafeteria during the Karaoke 
sing-i^lorbc} <$pon£Orcd by SCiA on Decemt>er 17r just' 
before {he Christmas holiday. 

Brian 5iclden and Qingtr Qyrd separate 
themselves from the other dancers at 
the SCjA dance simply be<iau5e no one 
else can dance (^uite like them, 

Qlna Mart J n receives moral suppoH from 
L^rry Gqnzales before ^ivin^ blood. The 
5<JA President must set a good example 
for everyone else. 

5anta C[au5 (James Dehart) poses with 
D]na OwenSn Robtn Lowe, and Berde Oo* 

Mtich AtwoQd, Jamie Cleary, and Seth Andrews chow down on free pizza of' 
fered by StjA. Fc*m students can refuse a free meaL 



f\ pat 

on the 

Like rhe honor societies on campus (Fhi Theta Kappa and Fsi Beta], Who s Who Among American Jun 
Cofteges selects its members on the basis of academic excellence. Each faculty member may nominated ii 
second-year students whose grade point average {3,0 minimum), club and community involvemenL and set 
lastic potential are evident. Fifty-nine recipients were chosen Fetiruary 10, 1994, to receive Ihts recognitic 
Their names appeared alongside Qtherjuntor college students in the national spring publication^ 

CFub QrcommunELy involvement demonslrates the leadership quaFltJea af Who'5 Who recipients. Here, trie 5iOOp. DcJdre Lunsrottli i 
Jackie Miller help with yearbook, sioop J^ ^ a itk member and Miller is active in PBL. 

usan FcrnjcFgraR (PTK President), Billy 
InvHtc trrK and Fsl BeEaL and Virginia Le- 
juire (SCC A m bassado r |i balance aca<icm- 
3. club activilics. and pergonal iU^- 

Ailce Barlow 

Calhy Pyles Betlon 

l^cnneth William £dwarcfs 

Dtianc cdw^ard tiaJI 
tveiyn ViSrnon Southern 

Wiltiam MJTdren Harold 
CIEzdbcih VVcbb 

ncUs^ Moore Mctiraw 
Penny W. WckkI 

Diane Bamett has signed me FTW regtster 
artd ha^ receEved her carnation from Chan- 
tcl combs- How, Michael WhUe presents her 
with the Dfnclal Alpha Xi Tau pin. 

tA: TBL's WJIma Wh1u, Keith Adams, and Mark freeman discuss dn intermeicliale Accounting problem. 



making the 

that's the big 

Joyce Key Srown 

Joseph t4wstd Hime 

Melissa Kay VerK 

Selow" cenici': Jain<;s Hayes. Fhliilp mc- 
Craw. arrd Steve Hicliols hnow each other 
Trom Steve Shepard's classes. Solving prpb^ 
Jems Is easy, AH they have to do is thinK 
about the situation and demise a workable 

aelo^Hights "'Arcnl you in one of my 
classes?" Don Qcl^en ashs Mcltssa Marion. 
BeErtg able to iJi5cu$.s issues with A class- 
mate provides new insight. 

Below: LoraMultins was in^ 
ducted into Phi Thcta h&ppA 
on rcl>niary 16 In the Teaching 
AudiLorium ai i;00- The wiiite 
petals of ttie carnation she 
holds signtf)' hcf new assocla' 
lion in the tJOtiy of ihJi honor 

Right: Michella Johes distrib- 
utes toys for needy children. 

Center: itoHy Ounier makes a 
special effort to s^y involved. 

rar Ri^htj Terri tfixort opened s 
consignment shop last fall. 


Who s Who 

TIlis group rcpirc^cnt? a ttrcyad 
range of corTcentra[Eons, They 
are (seated) David Brown and 
Daniel " Robbie " Robinsonr 
(standLng, 2nd row) MIchdCl 
WhitCr Ryan Hay more, Angela 
Bare; (siandinQ. Jrd row) Chan- 
tel Combs and Stephanie 
Johnson r 

p^iric+a Kim Dogaif 

f^sycliQJogy attracts Kathy CaU 
away anci PJary Conrad (^ta tid- 
ing) and Jennifer QordOn 
iscatccJ)- All three are Psi Beta 

Left' Milch Qrocc Is jnie rested 
in working with computers. 

center; ROTisid Hill has a sue- 
cesstul law enfoTcement ca- 

Far Left I Jarrod McCraw enjoys 
schoQ] and works at Ldo^e's. 

Whos Wh 


Right; 'liecKiw. ■ says VSckk Yaics wlih a deadly Caiwoitian stur. 
She's l>een trying lo lui'C batman and FtobSn foi ycars- 

Bciow: As a Baptist Student Vnion member, Trent D&llyhigh believes 
in giving all tli3l he can to oLtier^ in need- 

Above; new Or- 
leans can never be 
the sa^Tie since 
LEO club visited 
— the crime rate 
dropped 50 per- 
cent. ^'Instllliln^ 
fear works/' says 
Jay Wood (left). 

Right: Keeping a 
secret Isn't e^asy, " 
says Mark Surrah- 
(VhllC his counte- 
nance toDhs mis- 
chievous, his 
hea rt is pu re gold . 




^ 'f 








"Hock tinili you drop.' say these dfe-hard daricerSr The decora- 
tions, the mustc, the snacksr they were all worth the effort tor a 
^opcj tum'OMt Poti't you jU5t Love it ^vhcn a ^ood plan comes to- 

Oarrelt ttinshaw and Oetty fiewman encourage slydcnls to register and 
vole for the north Carol trta «iiid Surry CDuniy iKind referfindurns. 

Giving 100% 

Agriculture Club***Alpha Omega 
(Christian Student Union)***Al- 
pha Xl Tau***Amateur Radio 
Club*"Athletics**'Chorus ** 
•****Drania Club***ElectricaI 
Club ***** Foreign Language 
CI u b*** Jo u m a 1 ism * ** La mbda Ep- 
silon Omega'**Mu Alpha Theta 
{Math)***FaralegaI Club"*Phi 
Beta Lambda"*Fsi Beta***Stu- 
dent Government Associa- 
tion***Student Murses Associa- 
tion***Who s Who 

Left: electrical Club and TrterKls participated In Uic Dec. 7 
Christmas parade. Sparky was along for ilse ride. 

B^iowt fortunately^ Shannon Ingram Isri i arraTd of heightSr 
One slip and he m^ghi find hEmscLf an a downhhIJ slide. 

Despite a gruelling d^ay of classes, ^rian SIdden and Chatllece Ooldlng 
5dl{ have enough energy Tor some h&aithy tompctHtori. Actually, ihey 
may be taking out a lUtie *oo much aggression on those irtnocent ten_n!s 
balt^. But no pain, nogalnt 



Dwing 1 ime 

springtime: birds chirping in the trees, flowers 
biooming, in a rainbow of colors, a cooi breeze riffling 
through clothing, and pine resin and leather glove oil 
in the airl Co-ed soUball — the laidbacK version of 
America's past- time, 

Softball is a game played by young children in t>acK- 
yards, senior citizens in parks, and motley collections 

abg^t: Jetr Simpson analyzes the opposing team from ihc btnch. Be- 
low: Runner Kevin Johnson tells third bdsemdn Chils Baker, "I hope 
he doesn't swtn^. I'm too tired lo mn home yet, " 

of enthusiastic 5CC students. The 1993 participants 
included such teams as the Diamond things, the Far 
rat Heads, and the Rebels, in a toumament held al 
the end of the playing season, the Fanrot heads 
flapped their wings and flew to victory. Qene BlacK- 
well awarded each of the starters a free T-shirt. 

now don't be fooled Into thinking that these guys 
only wanted to have fun or that the T-shirts were 
their only motivation. For many, the bum of competi- 
tion raged in their veins — or was that the heat of 
the sun? 

At?<Jvc; WUHam ?rultt gets Into his pre-g^ine rtiualn 




"Whoal hold onE I think that pWch. went down my shirt/' thinks 
Amanda Edwards as hlrid catcher Kcbccca Cvdn£ waits TorUm^tc 
C<rse SlarcKwell to m^ke the call dn that plsy. 

E^tter BiiU WHgnt reaTS bach for a little extra strengiii. Daniel Coohe waOs "Watch ih€ moving t>atl . Vou are getting sl^epy- 
to ft^l ihe breeze From the powerful swin^. Derek Keeve^ tries lo hypriotlze the batLers. 

\my &rown and the Rct^is. get Uie^lr cra^ik ai. bsL and a 
brie/ rest. 

AlKtve. Leli to Rl> Lisa Key, Rebecca tvans. and Donna IHoxicy show ihe 
guys that women can play sofLbali and look g,aDd. too. 



Real Teamwork 

Sharpening A Competitive Edge 

Hoping to involve more students. In- 
tramtiral Director Qene BlacKwell asked 
clubs and organisations to form their 
own teams at the beginning of the intra- 
muraJ voUeybati sea son ^ Despite his ef- 
forts, participation was "very u/eaK/' 
Only three teams registered to compete* 
a Journalism club team, a Rebel team, 
and a conglomerate student team. Tor 
the first time in more than a decade, fac- 
ulty /stafT entered no team. 

Because so few participated, no sea- 
son champion was crowned. But, those 
who value the competitive spirit and ap- 
preciate teamworK learned that volley- 
ball Is a high-energy game of flnese and 
timing. To be proficientr one must be 
able to serve, volley^ set, and spike. 
Teamwork Is crucial and teains that reg- 
ularly practice are frequent winners* 

"t hope t'm n&t over the serving Itrje." thtiiKs 
R.hOfi(ja Mancc as she pounds ihe baTI over the 



trk: KDth and Dandy Lyons arc amazed at Imm' 
mate Rhonda hance'^s loib toward Josh Simpscn. 

The team on the left antkl 
pa tcs d fairly swift return. , 

UcR:: Powcr'hLuing, a t>alfinced sei jnd bump 
and defcndinQ Ihe neE arc essential elcmenl*, 

Bclow^ 'XrosS'COurt. deep, (nar comer." thJnm 
arfan Buker aa he b^Ls one over. 

"Total contcntraHon Es the Itey. ' beileve Ja; 
Wood, Vickie V^t^. and £nnE3 Katcher 

Enn^i Hatcher Just wants "W^tcr sounds greatl" a^ree Tammy MaggaracI, Stephen 
to make c^nLact. Towlcr, ToFty n^hhle, Mall Klngn ^ii(J Janei Chli(o<n, 



up, up. Ana Awav! 

Chad Motsingtr <joes for two as CaTTseroii Marliii and Casey WH- 
moth waLch adrtiiringly, ^ayht: they can get some pointer?. 

Basketball epitomizes the huinan male in that it 
demands strength, endurance, and perseiverancc. 
An hour of running up and down a court might not 
appeal to the sedentary physique of mere specta- 
tors; but be assured that this game of fouling, pos- 
session. Jumpers, three-pointers, and free-throw 
shooting is both exciting and invigorating. 

'Xome dnd get it. fellows/' teases Chad Mot^Inger a$ he tries to 
advance the ball toward hJs team's QOSh 


- m 

Hcfcfce Alfredo fenortg knows th&i al- 
most anyttiing can happen as bodies fly 
throuejh the air: elbovv$ (lap to protect 
Ihc t>dll.' and arms sweep to steal the sa- 
cred treasure. 



Getting the Jump on Kevlrt Atkins. Daniel Coohe punches the thall to teammate Trent Dolly- 
hi^h. i never knew i could jump so high/ thinks Cooke, "It must bt my adrenalin." 

LcR: "How whard we do, Ref?" Inquire tlowarxJ 
BTiiTi and Tony v^rne^. ""Vqu'rc breahln'g, our mo- 



9 A^ 

i> jf ?ti 

L .1^ 






mm^i 1 

^HrJ~'4 ^Bkt - ^^ 



^Tf- € t 1^ 

^ i^tm^ 

r ^ 

n / ^ 

"Real men have muSGle and play tsasKcU^aU 
boasts Treril Dotlyhlgh. 

Ah^vi^i: DiSntcl Cooke defends the baH while Kevin 
Athens toohs tor a golden opportunity to steal. 

Left Center Da^rd Anderion tries to concentrate. 
Hitting, the foul shot would extend his team's lead. 

Left; Trent Dollyhfgh aims a jumper toward the 
hoop before Alfredo Perong can connmEi the per- 
sonal fduL 



Rtghi: ■■Sometimes I feel 11 he a kid." says Jeff Benson. "Vou Know: 
tvaikJmcj an 9 curb. Jumping sidewalk crachs. or scaling bleacher^-"' 

night Center: Dale ReEd olTcrs $herry StlUngiS some alTcctiDnate en- 
couragement. Some people never know a strang,er. 


whelmed by 

a rcdrctncni 


given In hU 




company of 

wife Jo Ann 




He retired In 



devoting 27 

years to 


days are 
made by 
In^ with 
you like. 

and tMhc 
Clark are 


01 the 

^ I If! p H'l 



"Ah, cjet real!" says April Stout to Ch*d Anthony 
who has mastered the art ofhyperbole. Billy 
Sparks isn't about to gcE In the flikidle of this dis- 
putC' tte'sdctermEnedto remain silent. 

whctiicr or nol you nh« karaoke, yoti have to admire 
somEOnc who 5ha.res his talcrils wiih a cfowd. Chris 
Seuart, J^irod Sizemore, Jacob Ta>ior, and Hkhael 
SLdne am interested: JSalhy Msct is cruettalncd. 

handicaps are emotional as. w«:l1 as physicai. iiair 
dUng ail leveis of stress determlrTes on«s success. 

'^ ' ■ r ^ * f f 

Left; SO A Secretary Sandta f^rduc can't 
wa]l Eo sink her leelh Tnlc 5om€ Littie 
Caesars pii^a. 'Hey, I can ^itvays eat," 
^e says, "even when rm noi tiujigfyr ' 

AiKive: One of llic busiest 9ft4 most 
serldu^ campus groups, student 
nurses don' I qflen h^ve lime ta sit 
amJ chtt-chatr let afone isugh- This 
occasion, a SiQA pizza party, is a rar- 

Some things surprise U3: snomc mpke u$ curious; oth- 
ers actuatiy shock us. Somclimes we meet problems 
hcdd'on; sometimes we choose an tndjreci ap^ 
proach; and, as Honnit; Edgerton reveate. sometJimcs 
we aren't sure what to do. 

Looking &3ck 

77 1 

Rich WooFdr€dge examines SlOdmn Qaies' psj- 
cholo9:y or l{ingu;33f; 10 get pointers that mJght 
$om^3y hciji him obtain an Excellence in 
Inching award. 


L-OOKlng &3ch 

Retireri Stic jnstruciors were honore<t with a photo plaqut: (or their ycjTs of sen*iee and 
dedication. Displayed in the A-BuildFEiglobtiy, Ihe Alumni AssocEation initt^ted the idea. 

Another year has 
come and gone. The 
stories have been 
told; the battles have 
been fought. We've all 
been so busy that 
we've hardly noticed 
how much we've done 
or what concern we've 
shown OT how much 

Above Left; Allen Morton , trtj- Leonard, snd Chad 
CocKerham provide a triple dose of country blueSn 

Left: "The life you s^vc may isc yoyr own:" Such wis- 
dom ha^ly comforts Constance Wall. 


j5^^^ ^,'*1F 

Come-lo-lifc ciafGlCLFS^ frqm Charter Olckcns A Christ- 
Ttiff^ Csfiof (Mel^nic Farreitr Andly Vernon, and Mercie 
Hitchcll) spread holiday cheer in fit. Ajry's annual 
parade, tven Cbene^^r Scrooge would approve. 

SQA dances ofTer somti prcliy Interesting discourse: In addlLton to refreshments, 
exercise, and cntcrtaJnrnent JustasK Qrlan bidden. Julie txamelL Qrad RoyaL anxj 
neianie Sa>d. 

.. 1 

Loohlns Bach 

A+itiosi like clcxhworti. Drama CCgH dUcnd^ 3 ptay each Friday 5CC slaittd a chapter' of Pst &eta, the Fiattan^l Honor Society in 

nJgtvt during ihc school j^ear. Mtcliael WhUe, boruld Fowler. 5u- Psycliolo^ for community colleges on January 29. 1994. Al- 

sart Ferris, Mary Margaret Mothem, Aratx^iji^ Barnclie. arxl Winiam thougti there arc lOO other chapter^ ridtiQtiisily, thJs ivas only 

Ssnclcrs rarely miss a performance or the meal before it. the second chartered in rtorth Carolina, 

Tor some, the end of the ac- 
ademic year brings a sigh oT 
relief Completing what we 
have begun ts a tremendous 
accompHshment. Dealing 
with academic pressures in 
addition to Jobs and families 
often means overcoming In- 
credible adversity for the sake 

Though small in voJume, 
the 1994 Lancer renects the 
attitude of success. Its theme 
represents both the positive 
and negative aspects of col- 
lege lUe and the range of stu- 
derits on campus^ Its flneline 
cover combines green and 
maroor^ — the rich deep co1< 
OfS of life Itself — to represent 
growth, experience, and nour- 
ish merit. Perserve ranee- de- 
pendability, and confidence 
— despite hardships — build 
the character of students, as 
well as this book. 

Their crovms may not be made of real 
gold, but as Trent Dollyhigh and rtar- 
eta Grubb are crowned Valentine Ming 
and Queen, their expressions arc 
priceless, Cvery ntlle attompHsh- 
ment leads, us one step closer ^o our 


Looking Back